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This is the personal feed of a middle-aged husband and father of two, featuring a diverse range of topics including food, programming, woodworking, photography, and other light-hearted, humorous content. While the feed may not offer much value to the outside world, the content is all original and occasionally features memes that may also be posted on Reddit or Twitter under the same handle as this domain.
Pre fabricated Sandwich

Haha second one of these, this time the egg is cooked perfectly. A little too lazy to assemble the thing and ate like a civilized person.

2023-06-02 21:12:22
Old man back to school?

Can you imagine a 52 y/o fart puttering in the garage making this fat assed mouse trap car? It's the first attempt, and it's almost 13oz. If you could imagine the hardest thing to accomplish here? You'd be correct if you said getting all 4 wheels in the ground at the same time. The issues with cheap wood.

2023-02-18 09:07:44
Stress relief

OK, it's not gonna surprise you that another egg sandwich will adorn this stupid feed. But what will is the provolone cheese! Day before grocery day, and its all we had. Still decent with a touch of mayo, and some of the Cayenne pepper sauce. We had some late peppers from the garden and was able to squeeze out a couple bottles worth.

2022-12-31 12:48:37
Christmas Eve

Understanding this is pretty much a first world problem, but we had some record lows in Georgia on Christmas eve, and on that morning we had a pipe burst. This image here is the hole from after we squared it up before patching. With the section of the pipe that screwed the day up. We had a plumber come over and patch the pipe pretty quickly. Now the task is to patch the ceiling. I really suck at that kind of patching and making it look good. I'd rather put a whole wall in.

2022-12-31 12:38:18
Pre-roasted Veggies "A sea"

We do this more and more these days. And now that the garden exists.. it's just that much better.

2022-11-27 12:06:31
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