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This is the personal feed of a middle-aged husband and father of two, featuring a diverse range of topics including food, programming, woodworking, photography, and other light-hearted, humorous content. While the feed may not offer much value to the outside world, the content is all original and occasionally features memes that may also be posted on Reddit or Twitter under the same handle as this domain.
Fancy cookies

They look good, some eggnog-flavored cookie sandwich, that to be honest is a little much. I can eat one of these with a LARGE cup of black coffee. I'm really not a fan.. but hey.. they look good. These are the start of the cookies we create between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually a batch or two a week.

2023-12-11 19:31:31

Stuck up family want no pictures of the tiny crowd of folks here, so instead we offer an image of the spread for the day, best of all we do this at lunch, and as I write this everything is put up, cleaned, and we are all in the respective corners of the house riding out the food sweats.

2023-11-23 15:10:30
Back off the cocoa a little

Recipe off the can of the Hershey's Chocolate Power, but tweaked a little. (Wife tells me what to do). But it is a good tweak. This one is easy to make, and we do it more than we should. We also half the icing, and "sorta" cover it.

2023-11-23 12:35:31
Get bent you mindless arse.

The key to learning and growing is the ability to absorb new information and change your perspective. Otherwise, you are trapped in a vicious cycle of ignorance and stagnation, where your values, views and intelligence are compromised. This is the state that some companies want you to be in. If you are not offended by this statement, nor one of the mindless people who are caught in this cycle of self-destructive behavior, then I commend you. Otherwise this is meant totally as an insult, and that would make me happy if some took it as such. Social media algorithms are designed to maximize user engagement by showing them content that matches their interests, preferences and behaviors. These algorithms analyze user data, such as actions, interactions and interests, to filter, rank and recommend content that is likely to keep them on the platform. For example, if you like and comment on posts about cats, you will see more cat-related content in your feed. This creates a personalized and addictive experience for users, who are constantly exposed to new and relevant content that stimulates their curiosity and emotions. Some researchers have compared this to a slot machine, where users are rewarded with dopamine hits for every click, like and share. However, not all social media platforms use algorithms in the same way. Some platforms, such as Mastodon and Lemmy, are part of the Fediverse, a network of decentralized and interoperable platforms that use open standards and protocols to allow users to communicate across different servers and communities. These platforms do not rely on algorithms to curate content for users, but rather let users choose what they want to see and follow. Users can also create their own instances and groups, where they can set their own rules and moderation policies. This gives users more control and freedom over their online experience, but also makes it harder to discover and connect with other users who share their interests. As a result, these platforms may have lower user retention and growth rates than algorithm-driven platforms. One possible reason for this is that users of Fediverse platforms are more likely to encounter content that challenges their views and beliefs, which can cause cognitive dissonance and discomfort. Algorithm-driven platforms, on the other hand, tend to create echo chambers and filter bubbles, where users are exposed to content that confirms and reinforces their existing opinions and biases. This can make users feel more comfortable and satisfied, but also more isolated and polarized. Some critics have argued that this can have negative effects on democracy, social cohesion and mental health. Another possible reason is that users of Fediverse platforms are more likely to miss out on the social and cultural trends and events that are happening on the mainstream platforms. Algorithm-driven platforms, on the other hand, tend to amplify and promote content that is popular and viral, which can create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and social pressure among users to join and participate in online conversation. This can make users feel more connected and involved, but also more anxious and stressed. Some critics have argued that this can have negative effects on creativity, diversity and authenticity. Why do people use Facebook instead of Lemmy? Because they don’t want to be lemmings and follow the crowd. They want to be sheep and follow the algorithm.

2023-11-23 10:53:17
Some analytics

This represents the server's speed test and their average download speed represented by colors. Overall, we get around 90mbps, but some are less. It's pretty interesting that the command line tool returns the longitude and latitude of each test.

2023-10-25 20:40:47
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