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This is the feed of a middle aged husband/father of two. The feed covers absolutely nothing of value to the outside world. Topics you might see here are food, programming, woodworking, some photography, and other stupid stuff that gets a chuckle. An effort will be made to try and keep all content original. If you see a meme here it may also be posted on Reddit, or Twitter under the same name as the domain here.
It's really a pattern..

OK, showing no shame in posting yet another egg sandwich. This one sports a couple strips of microwaved bacon! The laziness here is unparalleled.

2022-07-29 19:33:51
Thumbprint cookies (Throwback)

Back in December of 2020. Here are the cookies the pervious post refers too.

2022-07-23 15:00:59
Thumbprint cookies

Found a recipe for these that was perfect a while back. Weather it's the recipe or the execution, Can't seem to get the same result. Here's a pic.

2022-07-23 15:03:24
It's a sickness really...

Yea yesterday.. and now today.. Too lazy to make anything, too hungry to eat crap.. Always the answer..

2022-07-02 20:44:06
Another egg sandwich

Yeah.. I've got some issues when it comes to taking pictures of food.. specially egg sandwiches. This one no different, here you go.

2022-07-02 11:25:38
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