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This is the personal feed of a middle-aged husband and father of two, featuring a diverse range of topics including food, programming, woodworking, photography, and other light-hearted, humorous content. While the feed may not offer much value to the outside world, the content is all original and occasionally features memes that may also be posted on Reddit or Twitter under the same handle as this domain.
Oh, Dave not another. Are you using AI?

Gather 'round, early risers, for a breakfast revelation that's poised to transform your dawn ritual into an extraordinary event. Get ready to embark on a symphony of flavors and textures that'll redefine your idea of morning indulgence. Anchoring this masterpiece are two flawlessly cooked eggs, crafted with a finesse that'll make your taste buds sing. But brace yourselves, because here's where the magic takes center stage: a succulent sausage patty, lovingly nestled within this ensemble, offering a medley of savory notes that'll have you savoring each bite. Now, hold onto your culinary hats as we introduce a true icon – not one, but two slices of American singles, those tried-and-true gems that melt like a dream. Their unabashed creaminess elevates this creation to new heights, ensuring every morsel is a voyage into pure delight. And as if that wasn't enough, behold the revelation that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance: a delicate touch of mayo that lends an exquisite tangy richness, perfectly balanced to awaken your palate. As the crescendo builds, envision all of this nestled within a toasted bagel, its exterior offering an inviting crunch while its chewy interior cradles this symphony in every bite. So, fellow seekers of breakfast brilliance, step forth into a realm of taste and texture that's unparalleled. Welcome to the Supreme Sausage Patty Bagel Revelation – where mornings become a canvas for culinary masterpieces, and your taste buds become the audience to a morning marvel that defies expectations. The answer is yes... yes I'm using AI.

2023-08-11 20:13:54
Just adding another from a while agp

Step into your kitchen and envision a breakfast masterpiece that redefines your mornings: an andouille sausage bagel sensation. Begin with impeccably cooked eggs as the foundation, complemented by thin, long slices of savory andouille sausage for a creative twist that ensures an uninterrupted delight in every bite. What sets this sandwich apart is the ingenious addition of old-school, wallet-friendly American singles – their melt-in-your-mouth creaminess harmonizing with the other elements. A dash of Texas Pete hot sauce infuses an invigorating kick, all cradled within a homemade bagel with its hearty character and chewy texture. Practicality converges with creativity in this culinary creation, inviting you to embark on a breakfast journey that embraces a symphony of textures, flavors, and the comforting warmth of a freshly baked bagel.

2023-08-11 20:05:16
OK back to what's important

Imagine a breakfast masterpiece that combines layers of flavor and texture, all nestled within the embrace of a homemade biscuit. Get ready to meet the ultimate biscuit egg sandwich that takes your morning ritual to a whole new level. Begin with the foundation: two flawlessly cooked eggs, a testament to your culinary finesse. Then, the genius touch: finely chopped bacon that eliminates the dreaded slide-off situation, ensuring each bite is a seamless experience. A dash of Texas Pete hot sauce introduces a lively zing, while folded cheddar cheese adds a creamy dimension to the diner-style eggs. And here's the coup de grâce: the entire ensemble is cradled by a homemade biscuit. The buttery, flaky perfection of the biscuit not only adds a comforting touch but also elevates this sandwich to an unparalleled realm. What you have here isn't just a sandwich; it's a work of art, where practicality and culinary craftsmanship converge. Embark on this breakfast journey and redefine your mornings with a symphony of taste, texture, and homemade goodness. ok... too much?

2023-08-11 19:53:37
Lurker only, a change

Earlier this year, Reddit, the popular social media platform, made a significant decision that reverberated throughout its user community and the wider tech ecosystem. They chose to block the use of their API for third-party applications, cutting off external developers and app creators from accessing Reddit's data and functionalities. This move sparked debates about user experience, data privacy, and platform openness. While Reddit cited security and control concerns as primary reasons for the API restriction, many users and developers lamented the loss of diverse, feature-rich, and specialized third-party apps that had been integral to the Reddit experience for years. The decision also raised questions about the balance between platform autonomy and user freedom, highlighting power dynamics between social media giants and their userbases, making the future direction of Reddit's API policy a subject of interest and scrutiny in the broader digital landscape. The true worth of a social media platform lies in the userbase and the content they generate. While creating a platform requires substantial effort, innovation, and vision, its value is defined by the vibrant and engaged community it fosters, along with the diverse and meaningful content users create, share, and interact with. This content plays a crucial role in shaping the platform's character, appeal, and cultural impact, becoming the heart and soul of its worth and longevity. Amid the discussions surrounding Reddit's API decision, some users sought alternative platforms that offered a different approach to social media. One such platform that gained attention was "Lemmy," a self-hosted social link aggregation and discussion platform. In contrast to Reddit, Lemmy is completely free, open, and not controlled by any company, representing a community-driven and decentralized model that aims to preserve user autonomy and data privacy. As users migrated to Lemmy, it grew as a testament to the power of community-driven solutions in the digital landscape and presented an alternative for those seeking a more independent and user-centric social experience.

2023-08-06 20:34:38
Not on the rug please!

Behold, the three sea shells—mysterious relics of bathroom antiquity, resting upon a table of enigmas. Their purpose shrouded in secrecy, leaving us to ponder the oddest of life's wonders. A silent reminder of a bygone era, where toilet paper was but a distant memory. The table's contents offer no answers, only teasing giggles and puzzled glances. Such is the enigma of 'Demolition Man,' where the sea shells speak a language we may never comprehend.

2023-08-06 19:25:12
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