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This is the feed of a middle aged husband/father of two. The feed covers absolutely nothing of value to the outside world. Topics you might see here are food, programming, woodworking, some photography, and other stupid stuff that gets a chuckle. An effort will be made to try and keep all content original. If you see a meme here it may also be posted on Reddit, or Twitter under the same name as the domain here.
Throwback 72` Torino Sport

It's not Thursday, but while I was looking for egg sandwich photos I ran into this old relic. One of my first cars.. if only I knew how cool it actually was. Slight clarification I owned half of it.

2022-04-24 17:44:04
I won the battle of today

New fuel lines and a cut up cleaning glove to replace the bulb. It's running after a few blisters.

2022-04-23 15:01:12
Good greif.

Bothered by the fact there were a couple images of egg sandwiches in the phone, files were further sifted through for another, and there it is... It's a third image of one of these damned things. Help is needed folks.

2022-04-23 09:48:59
Egg sandwich two, the Squeakquel

Yet another sandwich of the egg variety. It was also on the phone, and thought it would be OK to post here.

2022-04-23 09:31:25
A blog from someone who dislikes blogs

Hey crackhead! If it's thought about, There will be a post here from time to time for no damned reason other than to use the images taken of stupid crap that would otherwise stay in the phone and never be seen by anyone; even by yours truly. For now, here's a picture of an egg sandwich. No idea why, just behold.

2022-04-23 09:42:20
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