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The following physics responses are provided by a student and, as such, should be considered in that context. While every effort is made for accuracy, absolute correctness cannot be fully guaranteed.
A cement truck can pour 20 cubic yards of cement per hour. Express this in ft^3/min.9 ft^3/min
A cereal box has the dimensions of 0.19 m X 0.28 m X 0.070 m. If there are 3.28 feet per meter, then what is the volume of the box in cubic feet?0.13 cubic feet
A circle has an area of 2.0 m2. A second circle has double the radius of the first. The area of the second circle is ____ times that of the first.4.0
A furlong is a distance of 220 yards. A fortnight is a time period of two weeks. A race horse is running at a speed of 5.00 yards per second. What is his speed in furlongs per fortnight?27500 furlongs/fortnight
A high fountain of water is in the center of a circular pool of water. You walk the circumference of the pool and measure it to be 150 meters. You then stand at the edge of the pool and use a protractor to gauge the angle of elevation of the top of the fountain. It is 55°. How high is the fountain?34 m
A physics class in a large lecture hall has 150 students. The total mass of the students is about ____ kg.10^4
A right triangle has sides 5.0 m, 12 m, and 13 m. The smallest angle of this triangle is nearest:23°
A train slowly climbs a 500-m mountain track which is at an angle of 10.0° with respect to the horizontal. How much altitude does it gain?86.8 m
A triangle has sides of length 7.0 cm and 25 cm. If the triangle is a right triangle, which of the following could be the length of the third side? options 18cm, 24cm, 27cm, 32cm, 20cm24 cm
An apartment has 1100 ft^2 of floor space. What is the approximate volume of the apartment?10^4 ft^3
Areas always have dimensions ____ while volumes always have dimensions ____.L^2, L^3
Assume everyone in the United States consumes one soft drink in an aluminum can every two days. If there are 270 million Americans, how many tons of aluminum need to be recycled each year if each can weighs 1/16 pound and one ton = 2000 pounds?1.5 million tons
Calculate (0.82 + 0.042) * (4.4*10^3), keeping only significant figures.3800
Doubling the radius of a sphere results in increasing its volume by a factor of8
Each edge of a cube has a length of 25.4 cm. What is the length of a diagonal of the cube going through the center of the cube?17.3 in
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