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This is the personal feed of a middle-aged husband and father of two, featuring a diverse range of topics including food, programming, woodworking, photography, and other light-hearted, humorous content. While the feed may not offer much value to the outside world, the content is all original and occasionally features memes that may also be posted on Reddit or Twitter under the same handle as this domain.
Your standard egg sandwitch

Your basic sandwich, that totally matches the boring personality of the person that consumed it.

2023-09-09 10:07:59
Yes, another from the archives.

To whoever might stumble upon these words, or perhaps to no one at all. Today, we gather to unveil the story of a breakfast that, though quietly wonderful, may forever remain uncelebrated—a tale that echoes with a touch of melancholic charm. Envision a bagel, not the freshest, but not entirely without merit. A slice of cheese, unassuming yet earnest in its existence. A duo of eggs, cooked with care, though tinged with a hint of resignation. And then, a modest drizzle of hot sauce, a whisper of flavor amidst the morning's stillness. But why does this unpretentious ensemble matter? Perhaps it mirrors the overlooked moments in life, the small pleasures we rarely acknowledge. The construction is simple, an artistry of the ordinary—cheese meeting egg, egg meeting bagel, all bundled together with a sense of quiet purpose. For those who venture to experience this unassuming delight, a nod to you. The "Bagel, Breakfast Sandwich" embodies a fleeting joy, a reminder that sometimes, beauty hides in plain sight. Its flavors dance in harmony, a symphony of understated satisfaction. As we conclude, whether you're a curious soul stumbling upon this passage or a passing wind in the digital expanse, consider this: there's a quiet beauty in savoring the uncelebrated. The sandwich that graces your mornings might never adorn magazine spreads, but in its simplicity lies a poignant tale—a tale of finding solace in life's unassuming bites.

2023-08-12 12:58:00
Jolly ho, or whatever

OK, needless to say, much of my heritage is from a certain colonizing island perched on the west side of Europe. Keeping politics aside. An English muffin is OK, but I find them a little tough, and when taking a bite, the contents of said sandwich seem to suffer a bit of smashing. Other than that there are too many cheese-type food singles on there, and it's not melted, and the melting of that cheese is one of the only reasons it's being used. Either way there it is. another old image from the phone.

2023-08-12 12:47:13
Ok now we're just adding old photos

Going through the photos on the phone it happens that (not surprisingly) there are a few images of these things, that were never posted. I know it's a problem, and needless to say, they will promptly be added to the list here for no damn reason at all. So here we go. let's start with an old-school egg bacon on toast. I'm sure there is hot sauce there, but discerning what kind if cheese of any is impossible, and my memory isn't any help.

2023-08-12 12:40:46
Wait yet another protein?

OK, no long stupid ramblings about culinary whatever. Here it is.. An egg sandwich with leftover Kentucky legend ham, a bagel, and you guessed it, an American single slice of cheese. You know the ones. Yeah the individually wrapped ones. I don't care what you think, I own this. OK let's discuss the Texas Pete a little. Yea, it's August and we STILL don't have enough cayenne peppers to make a single bottle of sauce. but it's coming soon.

2023-08-11 20:22:08
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