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Air Date
Is There in Truth No Beauty?The Original Series1968-10-1835
Spectre of the GunThe Original Series1968-10-2536
Day of the DoveThe Original Series1968-11-0137
For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the SkyThe Original Series1968-11-0838
The Tholian WebThe Original Series1968-11-1539
Plato's StepchildrenThe Original Series1968-11-22310
Wink of an EyeThe Original Series1968-11-29311
The EmpathThe Original Series1968-12-06312
Elaan of TroyiusThe Original Series1968-12-20313
Whom Gods DestroyThe Original Series1969-01-03314
Let That Be Your Last BattlefieldThe Original Series1969-01-10315
The Mark of GideonThe Original Series1969-01-17316
That Which SurvivesThe Original Series1969-01-24317
The Lights of ZetarThe Original Series1969-01-31318
Requiem for MethuselahThe Original Series1969-02-14319
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