Here are a few short stories I've written. These are riddled with errors, and probably suck for the most part, but that doesn't keep me from embarrassing myself.. Enjoy!

Short Story.

The One


A story unrelated to the events that forged this man we know, we go back in time a few years, never mind how many. The rain wasn't coming down, nor was it exceptionally cheerful, just any other day where everyone was just moving forward with their uneventful lives. You know driving to work, trying to get to the end of the week. Derrick was a middle management colleague with little clout among his peers but, the ability that would surpass most in his field of work, most because he worked the trenches for a long time, and perhaps something a little extra, but we'll get to that later.

The factory where he worked made large structural parts for the aerospace industry. When something in a process went off kilter he somehow knew where to go and what to do. He was one of the people that would be called in the middle of the night when others couldn't figure things out. This pissed upper management off to no end, of course it wasn't because they could not figure things out like he could but the fact that he was un-expendable put the company at risk, if he quit, or was injured that could put the plant in a risky situation.

One of the supervisors over Derrick was especially gilded because of that situation but for slightly different reasons. Joe, the supervisor was under the impression that Derrick was putting himself in that very situation because it would make for better job security, a kind of “owner of the knowledge” Joe thought he kept some things from him and even more suspected that Derrick could be responsible for some of the failures that he ended up correcting. It really didn't help Derricks' situation when he constantly called him Joseph, which really pissed him off.

Just another day and another situation with a machine that created some of the sheet metal for the rear section of light aircraft control surfaces. Operator hollers “we're jammed up these things are coming out miss formed” as usual a flock of maintenance, quality, and team leaders crowd around the fixture and start the process of solving the issue.

Forty minutes pass and the production numbers start to “nose dive” then we see management folk come from their offices and start putting their input in. Sally the operator mentions that they should call Derrick over and get us going, which really annoyed Joe he ignored the comment, while the production manager which overheard Sally called him over.

The production manager just raised his eyebrow at Derrick which pretty much told him to get to it. Derrick went straight for the parts and inspected one or two for the sum of 30 seconds and went to a separate part of the machine where everyone else was not, and quickly fixed the issue. He yells clear and starts the machine and parts start coming out in perfect condition.

Joe and a couple others bee line to him and start the 20 questions. Derrick told them that all he did was look at the parts, and that told him where to go to fix the issue. He showed them where he did it and what he did. And as fast as he came, he left to the area of the plant where he was previously working. While quality contained the parts and everything else when back to normal.

This type of situation happened all the time and oddly enough seemed normal enough but there was an underlying sense that Derrick had that he wasn't aware of because it was with