Here are a few short stories I've written. These are riddled with errors, and probably suck for the most part, but that doesn't keep me from embarrassing myself.. Enjoy!

Short Story.

The Man


George Franklin a self-made millionaire that started from nothing. He's a 58 Year old man that's just begun to feel the strings of mortality pull on him physically. He's of average height, and slightly heavy set. No wife or kids as his career has kept him busy throughout his life. He was very well off. His current issues were with relatives wanting to be in his will with little regard of tact, and the choice between retiring and furthering his career, he had reason to push forward because of some of the rewarding philanthropic work he's been doing. It would be a fucking waste to leave anything of value to people who have little need for it and have no issue telling me they do. It's not very easy when people who need something have issues asking for a handout, but it's the opposite for people who have no need for anything.

This man is no health nut for sure, in fact his years of eating in his car and staying up late getting that next project underway has left him in less than perfect health. He's not horribly off but just like the typical American in his generation he's on a half dozen prescriptions (that he is convinced he doesn't need) for the typical ailments that someone of his age would use. His visits to the doctor are more routine than before and he can remember going decades without going at all. Now the span between visits is measured in months.

Because of his fear of aging he finds himself pouring money in the medical field. Not that he wanted a fountain of youth, but he thought he might later need the help, and his actions may help him with some special treatment later. The project he's currently working on is with cell regeneration methods to help cells to regenerate faster in people who are aging. The main course of this line of research was of course to find a cure for cancer, not a cure for a certain kind mind you, a nail in the coffin for all types.

His nights are filled with searching for the correct type of research and interviewing scientists wanting the grants to continue their work. He scopes a group or two each week, most of them feeling the rejection that he usually deals out with a correspondence or an assistant. His latest focus is a small group working out of the private sector dealing with some nerve cell regeneration which peaked his interest mostly because he didn't know much about it, and one of the lead scientists was very attractive, which was a weak point for George.

Jacquelyn was absolutely not what one would think a scientist should be, she was very attractive but almost visibly tried to hide it, usually failing to do so, at least in Georges opinion. She was of average height with thick extremities which kept the proportions of a comic book super hero. Se was very sure of herself, to the point she was OK with men helping her when she knew she didn't need it. She holds back her intelligence too, which infuriated our good George. Bur he really didn't know why.

She mentioned that the company she worked for was very close to a breakthrough, they have had some in lab successes with the regeneration of some glial cells which are kind of helpers of the nervous system, but the issues they are trying to overcome were some over activeness when generating cells and created too much mass with no means of controlling regenerative properties that would cause certain death in the real world. but they were getting close. This peaked Georges interest. This real concrete proof of some actual results was something rare in his searches. Over the next few weeks George was geeked out about the progress of this group and pulled all other resources from other projects and poured his attention to this company.

From time to time George because his financial leverage gets some negative attention from his philanthropic rejects. This time in the form of nasty letters, and one instance of his car getting vandalized. It really seemed that the type of people that were doing these “deeds” were totally new at the extortion thing because there was never any demands, other than just stop funding the research in respect to the companies like Synique.

In fact the threats shortly after his attention was pointed to this company has not only increased the threats have also intensified, to the point of George getting his car all but destroyed on more than one occasion. It's probably a good thing that he drives the cheapest cars he can obtain. Because of this the company security as they have in the past moves George and his belongings to a protected compound where most of the corporate staff live.