Just a place to show some of the projects I've been working with.. Hopefully this is pretty varied in the future.

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Grandparents shelf redesign
Wood Working

Growing up this shelf was always there, now it has come to my mother, some images of that shelf below. This project is a redesign of that. It'll probably take a while to complete. I only have the images to go by as the thing is in another state. ;-/ We may go through a few different iterations of designs till we home in on something we like. Not one piece of wood will be cut till a final design is agreed on!
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gpa_shelf_01.jpgOPEN THIS FILE1796513Monroe David2017-02-03
gpa_shelf_02.jpgOPEN THIS FILE1653453Monroe David2017-02-03
gpa_shelf_03.jpgOPEN THIS FILE1723293Monroe David2017-02-03
GPA_Notes.pdfOPEN THIS FILE1511031Monroe David2017-02-03
GrandPa_Shelf.zipOPEN THIS FILE5515328Monroe David2017-02-06
GrandPa_Shelf_Rev002.zipOPEN THIS FILE5520508Monroe David2017-02-11