Just a place to show some of the projects I've been working with.. Hopefully this is pretty varied in the future.

Project Information.

Project Name
Wooden boxes
Wood Working

The photo epic on this record is a documented journey on making boxes as this very inexperienced person goes from one to the next. There are differences between each for the most part.
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wallpap.jpgOPEN THIS FILE13653603Monroe David2016-12-24
boxes.jpgOPEN THIS FILE11765503Monroe David2017-01-24
hardware_overload.jpgOPEN THIS FILE4411353Monroe David2017-02-09
Chest.jpgOPEN THIS FILE4777243Monroe David2017-02-09
Scraps.jpgOPEN THIS FILE1427053Monroe David2017-02-26
Scraps2.jpgOPEN THIS FILE628793Monroe David2017-02-26
Scraps2a.jpgOPEN THIS FILE554673Monroe David2017-02-26
obnoxious red pine.JPGOPEN THIS FILE1119323Monroe David2017-03-13
hex_box.JPGOPEN THIS FILE1004793Monroe David2017-03-25
deck_box.JPGOPEN THIS FILE1089683Monroe David2017-04-08
excess_box.JPGOPEN THIS FILE722783Monroe David2017-04-25
phmmtg.JPGOPEN THIS FILE1411993Monroe David2017-05-24
segmented_box.JPGOPEN THIS FILE1292723Monroe David2017-06-05
white_oak_angelique.JPGOPEN THIS FILE1538723Monroe David2017-06-28
hdr_04b.jpgOPEN THIS FILE2970763Monroe David2017-07-09
hdr_05b.jpgOPEN THIS FILE3003463Monroe David2017-07-09
q-bert.pngOPEN THIS FILE10429702Monroe David2018-04-29