Just a place to show some of the projects I've been working with.. Hopefully this is pretty varied in the future.

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Dog Gate
Wood Working

Sick of the dogs wrecking the "man cave" so when I'm not home they're not allowed. Simple gate to keep them out of the area. Three concepts in the CAD files, we made the simple one. It can be made of nothing but 1X4's and some hardware. 40 bucks altogether if you have your own sand paper, glue, and paint already. The cut list attached below is for an opening of a specific size. if used elsewhere you may have to modify your lengths. The list was optimized with "RealCut 1D" trial version. It's simple, and reduces the scrap if you have a few boards to cut out.
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cutlist.pdfOPEN THIS FILE771961Monroe David2016-05-29
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