Just a place to show some of the projects I've been working with.. Hopefully this is pretty varied in the future.

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LP Vinyl Record Frame
Wood Working

Just a simple plan to put an LP record up on the wall. Plans below. Included in the files are some 3D models created in CatiaV5. And can be modified to frame different stuff. With a little modifying it can also hold backing, glass, and normal artwork. If I could go back and redesign I would change the amount of frame that covers the LP sleeve. it's more than a 1/2inch now, and sometimes that blocks the view of the image. If anything is on the edge (like a title) you may not see all if it. This one can be created with just a chop-saw, table saw, and a palm sander. Inspiration from WoodWorkWeb; https://youtu.be/4Q_SGQzbk_s
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LP_Frame.pdfOPEN THIS FILE145171Monroe David2015-07-26
LP_Frame_CAD.zipOPEN THIS FILE23317315Monroe David2015-07-26
Frame.jpgOPEN THIS FILE47757503Monroe David2015-07-26
frames.jpgOPEN THIS FILE11572003Monroe David2015-08-01
frame_jig_not.jpgOPEN THIS FILE267763Monroe David2016-05-28