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CSV Files - Posted: 2020-10-17

Probably doesn't make sense for some of the applications but you can now see a CSV export functions on the applications based on a database table or join. In some cases no need to even log in.
Change of direction - Posted: 2019-05-18

Well the PX4 was scrapped, and the repository was deleted. Seems the current DBMS will be updated going forward. Started with a core set of classes/functions and we'll change things to use these as development goes forward. Also concentrating on security hardening. Of course this page does have its own public repository over on GitHUB see that at the link below.

Portal-X repository

Don't laugh at the code too much.

PX4, on github - Posted: 2019-05-12

We'll see how it goes, as we learn to program. The repository linked will be developed over the next few months (or more) and will eventually replace the old stuff here.Library used for styling will be bootstrap, it's pretty good, but the site looks pretty generic.

PX4 (the fourth iteration of this backend) - Posted: 2018-10-22

Well we’re here again. The 3.0 template is developed enough to port to its main location. This means we start on 4.0. Here’s what the focus will be for the new version. It’ll change as we go along but below is a rough outline.

  • Separation of content from the other stuff. Kind of like a high end stereo compared to its 1980’s equivalent the boom box. Rough analogy, but you get the idea. This will undoubtedly create a library of classes, and functions resulting in a more oop like architecture.
  • Content Security Policy (CSP) and other hardening. All CSS and Java will be removed from the inline locations and be called from their respective libraries. This means the CSS/Js files themselves will grow? I’m not sure but there has got to be a way to only serve what’s needed on a page. Classes will be built to this end.
  • Tried a theme roller in the last iteration and was NOT very successful. We’ll get some bootstrap or more generic styling libraries in here so that might go a little more smoothly. Get ready for a different look.

SSL cert working (we're secure) - Posted: 2018-09-08

The folks at 1and1 offered up free SSL protection, so we are taking advantage of it. Icon at the address bar should reflect that.
3.0 Update (Password encryption) - Posted: 2018-09-04

Hey, the password encryption has also been updated a bit. As such everyone will have to go through the password recovery tool to get access going again.
3.0 update - Posted: 2018-09-04

The update is complete enough to start testing on this site. There will be a lot of bugs, and no current way to communicate them as there is no discussions enabled yet. It will be hard going over the next few, as we smooth things out. Remember that's why this site is here right?
3.0 - Posted: 2018-08-26

With the template for this site peddled off and used elsewhere, it seems the next version has to replace this one. The next version will be similar in structure, and feel, but the back end will be switched over to a PDO database abstraction layer instead of the older MYSQLi. I'll also go further in regards to making generic functions so coding will be more straight forward.
SQL Injection Attempts - Posted: 2017-07-08

See the chart below for some IP addresses that are suspected of trying SQL injection on this site. I have NO idea why anyone would try that here.

Calendar View - Posted: 2017-06-25

Added a calendar to some applications that have date information within. Swing by the "Star Trek Data" application and click on the date in a detail view.
Password encryption update - Posted: 2016-07-06

In reaction to some bots getting into the now deleted PHPBB installation with little effort, it seems that the password encryption had to be beefed up so that they don't start on this site. With this update to the back end All passwords will have to ...
Spambots - Posted: 2016-07-04

Bots have taken over the PHPBB installation it's being removed. Will do some investigation before it comes back. Update; The old home grown stuff has been resurrected. We will add features as time permits. It seems the home made code isn't in...
Template - Posted: 2016-01-30

Working on creating a template of sorts geared towards a website for cataloging purposes. This template when complete will be available for download here at the site. Before it's available however there is a laundry list of things to do before it can b...
Password Recovery Tool - Posted: 2015-11-14

It seems that some of the more recent updates have broke the password recovery tool. This has been remedied it should be working now.
Captia robot squasher - Posted: 2015-10-31

Yet again the site is being bombarded with robots registering. So we wrote a quick captia verification. nothing too heavy just seeing if we can reduce the amount that make it through. All hail fellow humans and down with the bots! Suspected users have be...
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