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User functions - Posted: 2013-08-12

Just started playing with the users stuff.. you can see a list of registered users and if you notice when a user is mentioned (in some places) it will take you to that users profile page. Pretty bare bones for now. But you gotta start somewhere right? Al...
Photography taken from this site - Posted: 2013-08-05

Wow just needed to look for it. Some of the Forum threads in here show a small portion of the images lifted off of this site and used on others. Some fairly shame...
Forum Setup Video - Posted: 2013-08-03

Just uploaded a YouTube video of how the Discussion forums here work with the different applications. The forums for now just have the basic functionality but that user end isn`t what the video is about.
Sitemap - Posted: 2013-07-28

Not really content related but just added a sitemap page (linked to the left). This page goes through the database and creates links to each public portion of the site. If an application is created the sitemap is also updated. Also there is a backend pro...
Next steps? - Posted: 2013-03-24

Not that anyone cares or even sees this but I`m playing with the idea of further flushing out a few different areas of this site. Currently the reporting functions are non-existent compared to the last incarnation. As are the user specific functions like...
Videos - Posted: 2013-01-17

Here are some short videos uploaded to Youtube that show some of the functionality at the back end of this site.
Relative Data - Posted: 2013-01-12

I know below I call it a second version but this version of the functionality is getting pretty close. The only thing I need to flush out is the entry of the relation. Currently I have to know all the ID`s involved to make the connection. Perhaps at data...
Relative functions - Posted: 2012-12-31

First draft of a sort of relative records function is implemented. Looking at some of the records you can see some links or rows of data at the bottom (pictured below) this is because these records are related to each other. The example below is a record...
Relational Data - Posted: 2012-12-31

The second version is done Currently it scans for relative connections for every table in the database. For example if you go to a beer of course it will have a brewery associated with it. When clicking the brewery link it will take you to that record in...
Search / Comments - Posted: 2012-12-29

A simple search functionality has been added doesn`t split the words up in the search string yet or rate accuracy for sorting ect. Currently it`s just a comparison string to text fields in the table. Will work on this a little later. Comments have been s...
Applications of old - Posted: 2012-12-29

Slowly I`m adding the applications that were here on the old site to the new one. Wallpapers were just added. Not all of the images are there that were there in the past but I think the good ones are there. There isn`t any easy uploader currently so the ...
Back end getting close - Posted: 2012-12-28

Other than a few bugs the applications part is done. See video below Youtube Video Next is the search and reporting functions ;0)
Website progress - Posted: 2012-12-21

It’s going slowly for sure. The add edit delete functions have been rewritten and are functioning (as this post is proof!) but still have some loose ends to tie up. The add and edit scripts are too similar to not think about making them one. The next t...
More Stuff - Posted: 2012-12-21

Selection fields functionality is working but might take a few days to get the fields populated. Take a look at the media catalog for a couple dropdown examples as they are automatically generated. Couple loose ends were tied up also creating a couple fi...
Site Design - Posted: 2012-12-01

Thinking of redesigning the graphical and the back end of the entire website taking (what I think is) the best of what currently exists and adding to what I`ve learned over the last couple years. The site is starting to resemble a Rube Goldberg machine w...
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