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Back end getting close - Posted: 2012-12-28

Other than a few bugs the applications part is done. See video below Youtube Video Next is the search and reporting functions ;0)
Website progress - Posted: 2012-12-21

It’s going slowly for sure. The add edit delete functions have been rewritten and are functioning (as this post is proof!) but still have some loose ends to tie up. The add and edit scripts are too similar to not think about making them one. The next t...
More Stuff - Posted: 2012-12-21

Selection fields functionality is working but might take a few days to get the fields populated. Take a look at the media catalog for a couple dropdown examples as they are automatically generated. Couple loose ends were tied up also creating a couple fi...
Site Design - Posted: 2012-12-01

Thinking of redesigning the graphical and the back end of the entire website taking (what I think is) the best of what currently exists and adding to what I`ve learned over the last couple years. The site is starting to resemble a Rube Goldberg machine w...
Relational tables. - Posted: 2011-01-29

It is about time I get to the point where my tables can talk to each other in respect to their primary keys. Not sure how I can make this happen in the Clicketey ckick world of a public website but there has to be an easy way to relate a beer to a brewer...
Search?! - Posted: 2010-12-31

Well it has come down to it.. I`ve got a few applications that warrant a search function. But I don`t want to write one for each table in the database. I will create ONE program that will search any table in the database. Stay tuned this will be a very c...
Users removed - Posted: 2010-12-28

All users (with the exception of a few) have been removed. If for some reason you need access to your old information use the e-mail address above with the e-mail that was in the database We can resurrect your profile. Of course the option still exists t...
Web bots.. - Posted: 2010-12-27

Again.. The amount of bots that access this site is stupid considering that only a couple people actually go here. To further combat this I`ve employed a ARE YOU HUMAN graphic check to the forms. Much like any other feature of this site it can be connect...
Forum access.... - Posted: 2010-08-31

It was coming for some time.. the damn bots made me do it.. I`ve turned off access to the forums unless an admin (me) gives you access.
Website overhaul - Posted: 2010-05-30

Yea it`s been a while since this site has seen any changes. Even now the changes will be fairly invisible to the normal user. But my main project with the tanarus Archive will be obsolete very soon and some of the stuff there will be brought over to here...
Wallpaper - Posted: 2010-01-12

Some wall paper from the autostadt..
New digs.. - Posted: 2009-06-05

Well not really digs.. but I got a new computer. The old one was getting a little long in the teeth to stay on the edge. I ended up with a Core 2 Quad processor bare bones I put together with an NVidia 1GB video card. I but Ubuntu on which is a flavor of...
Website changes - Posted: 2009-01-24

I`ve been working getting all the Tanarus related stuff to this site and away from my personal webpage. Most of it is over there with logging in and such and forums are next. Other stuff added well they were put back in place from when it was there LONG ...
Confusing site. - Posted: 2009-01-14

This site is more of an experiment than anything else. I`m currently working on separating the map archive with this site. Currently the archive is just a link in the middle of all the other junk I have here making it a bit confusing. Stay tuned. We`ll u...
Website tracking and database woes - Posted: 2009-01-14

With the error this site is getting STILL I`ve decided to redo the trackng program and utilise the global.asa file and add some cookies. This will gain the `keep me logged` in functionality....
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