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And there it is. - Posted: 2015-07-05

Well there it is now we can see that when downloading FileZilla from SourceForge They are adding dumb assed malware add-on that hijacks all your home pages search engines. Yes it can be argued that you can uncheck that option but this is the first step. ...
New Version - Posted: 2015-07-05

Working on an update for the site that will include some visual and security updates. Oh yea and a total new language..
Site Update - Posted: 2015-07-05

The site has been updated to a new linux format using a My-SQL database and PHP. as such things are going to be buggy and other features will not exist until they are written. (the forums or links) The userbase has been removed and will be added back ...
New numbers in - Posted: 2014-03-26

See link below for a little statistics from the data crunched by my account before and after the PC upgrade. Statistics
New Computer Build - Posted: 2014-02-24

Starting a computer build and will update as the parts stream in from Amazon. See link below for images taken during. we`ll see how it turns out.. Asus P8Z77-V Thanks BFJ! i7-2600K LGA1155 socket processor again BFJ! Corsair 550D obsidian series case Cor...
Backend Video - Posted: 2014-01-09

New video showing some of the updates from the last build of the back end. It illustrates creating a data application from scratch. http://youtu.be/Vx5XjTBwPrs
New forum?! - Posted: 2014-01-05

Again another forum software from a third party is being tried out. Looks a lot better than the other. Features are a little flushed out also. We`ll try it for a while and if it prooves out OK we`ll combine the log-in functions through the main site. Cur...
Pisses me off.. - Posted: 2013-12-30

How does this happen? First of all I know I`m basically to blame for installing software on my PC and not doing the research beforehand. However what the hell? Over the last few weeks I’ve installed some software that is bundled with other @#!7 I do NO...
Forum Software - Posted: 2013-12-15

It`s third party sorta chaotic and honestly not very aesthetically pleasing but there is some discussion software and can be accessed via 2nd tier navigation from each "niche" of the site. Login information for now is separate from this site so if you wa...
Tracking.. - Posted: 2013-12-09

Just to play with it I`ve dusted off some old tracking scripts. They are not all working together yet but some of the data could be interesting.
New Archetechure - Posted: 2013-12-01

Greets if you have seen this site before you can probably tell it`s a bit different. The mess will ensue for a few weeks or so until all the loose ends can be nailed down. Most of the changes are in the back end. But the formatting of the records and suc...
User Functions - Posted: 2013-12-01

All user functions are currently NOT working. If you want a login for this site it`ll have to wait. Or just e-mail me and we`ll get you in there. Current logn info is in tact. If you were in there you are still in there. Should be finished in a week or s...
Files - Posted: 2013-09-01

With the addition of the files application it changed the entire site in respect to how files are handled. Some tables contained file path information as such these have been removed and now the new application handles these. No only is the path info sto...
Wallpaper Overhaul - Posted: 2013-08-29

All the wallpaper data was destroyed mainly because I wanted to redo that portion of the site. There are a couple up there and I will add them back as time goes on.. Some of the files are back up there.. The list looks a little small The papers are now g...
User functions - Posted: 2013-08-12

Just started playing with the users stuff.. you can see a list of registered users and if you notice when a user is mentioned (in some places) it will take you to that users profile page. Pretty bare bones for now. But you gotta start somewhere right? Al...
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