API for getting public data from this site. This static portion of the website will serve as a how to for getting data from the killgorack.com database to wherever it's used elsewhere. I know! Who would use the data from here? I have no idea.

Base URL for data acquisition is below. In this form a connection will be refused. This is due to some required parameters so we can get to what data is needed.
Parameter: ap
Currently the only required parameter is to signify the application. Also it's worth noting that the only data available from this service are data that is public. Basically if you can see data you can have it. However there are a few applications in the back end that will not be available for connection. Currently the available application list is as follows. If this is the only parameter supplied, then the entire table, and it's joins will be presented to your application.
wallpaper, tanarusmaps, startrek, shorts, quiz_questions, projects, mediacatalog, freeware, fls, dbg, cheese, breweries, beer_styles, beers, spd
Parameter: show
The show parameter isn't required, and if not supplied will result in the data being force downloaded to the application. However if we set this parameter to screen, the data will be displayed within the web browser.
Parameter: format
For the format parameter (again not required) when set to 'raw' this will ignore the joins and just grab the data. Sometimes this is necessary when your application handles joins itself once the data is gathered from separate tables.
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