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The following physics responses are provided by a student and, as such, should be considered in that context. While every effort is made for accuracy, absolute correctness cannot be fully guaranteed.
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If the tension on a guitar string is increased by a factor of 3, the fundamental frequency at which it vibrates is changed by what factor?sqrt(3)
The air in a tube open at both ends is sent into its fundamental resonance. One end of the tube is then closed and the air column is again set into its fundamental resonance. The resonant frequency ____ after the end is closed. 1) halves 2) stays the same 3) doubles 4) increases by a factor of 1.4 5) increases by a factor of 4.0halves
A 500-Hz whistle is moved toward a listener at a speed of 10.0 m/s. At the same time, the listener moves at a speed of 20.0 m/s in a direction away from the whistle. What is the apparent frequency heard by the listener? (The speed of sound is 340 m/s.)485 Hz
Assuming that the wave speed varies little when sound waves are traveling though a material that suddenly changes density by 10%, what percentage of the incident wave intensity is reflected? 1) < 1 % 2) 5 % 3) 10 % 4) 20 % 5) 30%< 1 %
If the intensity of a sound is increased by a factor of 100, how is the decibel level changed? The new decibel level will be: 1) two units greater. 2) double the old one. 3) ten times greater. 4) twenty units greater. 5) ten units greater.twenty units greater.
The number of overtones, and their relative intensities, is associated with what property of the tone generated by a musical instrument? 1) quality 2) interference pattern 3) range 4) attack pattern 5) both choices A and C are valid.quality
A 1.5-m string is held fixed at both ends. When driven by a 180-Hz source, the string vibrates in 4 distinct segments. What is the natural fundamental frequency of the string?45 Hz
For a standing wave in an air column in a pipe that is open at both ends, there must be at least: 1) one node and one antinode. 2) two nodes and one antinode. 3) two antinodes and one node. 4) two nodes and two antinodes. 5) none of the above.two antinodes and one node.
Two cars, one in front of the other, are traveling down the highway at 25 m/s. The car behind sounds its horn, which has a frequency of 500 Hz. What is the frequency heard by the driver of the lead car? (vsound = 340 m/s)500 Hz
What sound level change corresponds to a factor of two change in intensity?3 dB
A bat, flying at 5.00 m/s toward a wall, emits a chirp at 50.0 kHz. If the wall reflects this sound pulse, what is the frequency of the echo received by the bat? (vsound = 340 m/s)51.5 kHz
A tuning fork is sounded above a resonating tube (one end closed), which resonates at a length of 0.20 m and again at 0.60 m. If the tube length were extended further, at what point will the tuning fork again create a resonance condition?1.0 m
What is the intensity level of a sound with intensity of 5.0*10^-10 W/m2? (I0 = 10^-12 W/m2)27 dB
The intensity level of sound 20 m from a jet airliner is 120 dB. At what distance from the airplane will the sound intensity level be a tolerable 100 dB? (Assume spherical spreading of sound.)200 m
A 2.50-m-long organ pipe is open at one end and closed at the other. Its fundamental tone has wavelength:10.0 m.
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