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Some episode data that isn't perfectly up to date..
Air Date
Operation: Annihilate!The Original Series1967-04-13129
The City on the Edge of ForeverThe Original Series1967-04-06128
The Alternative FactorThe Original Series1967-03-30127
Hope and FearVoyager1998-05-20426
Redemption (1)The Next Generation1991-06-17426
Equinox, Part IVoyager1999-05-26526
The Jem'HadarDeep Space Nine1994-06-12226
Time's Arrow (1)The Next Generation1992-06-15526
Unimatrix Zero, Part IVoyager2000-05-24626
The AdversaryDeep Space Nine1995-06-25326
Descent (1)The Next Generation1993-06-21626
Endgame, Part IIVoyager2001-05-23726
Broken LinkDeep Space Nine1996-06-17426
All Good Things... (2)The Next Generation1994-05-23726
Shockwave (1)Enterprise2002-05-22126
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