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Some episode data that isn't perfectly up to date..
Air Date
The Way to EdenThe Original Series1969-02-21320
The Cloud MindersThe Original Series1969-02-28321
The Savage CurtainThe Original Series1969-03-07322
All Our YesterdaysThe Original Series1969-03-14323
Turnabout IntruderThe Original Series1969-06-03324
Beyond the Farthest StarThe Animated series1973-09-0811
YesteryearThe Animated series1973-09-1512
One of Our Planets is MissingThe Animated series1973-09-2213
The Lorelei SignalThe Animated series1973-09-2914
More Tribbles, More TroublesThe Animated series1973-10-0615
The SurvivorThe Animated series1973-10-1316
The Infinite VulcanThe Animated series1973-10-2017
The Magicks of Megas-TuThe Animated series1973-10-2718
Once Upon a PlanetThe Animated series1973-11-0319
Mudd's PassionThe Animated series1973-11-10110
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