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This is an application that houses data sent on a regular basis from the house via a python script. The data here will be cleared out regularly. Thanks to sivel for the easy to use library. Links /, speedtest-cli (python library)
Test Time
Accelecom90.3340 Mbps9.8500 Mbps62.4130 ms2023-10-10 02:01:56
Accelecom90.5200 Mbps10.5020 Mbps52.3410 ms2023-12-29 00:01:26
Accelecom89.5970 Mbps10.8740 Mbps52.3340 ms2023-11-22 18:02:25
Accelecom87.5840 Mbps10.6490 Mbps62.0910 ms2024-01-16 17:01:56
Accelecom90.1810 Mbps10.4680 Mbps49.8260 ms2023-11-26 02:02:56
Accelecom83.2010 Mbps10.3570 Mbps60.9430 ms2024-01-18 01:02:26
Accelecom88.2390 Mbps10.3270 Mbps54.7660 ms2023-12-18 00:01:27
Accelecom70.7070 Mbps8.7470 Mbps66.4760 ms2024-01-08 21:01:57
Accelecom89.6520 Mbps10.9380 Mbps58.4860 ms2023-11-13 21:02:25
Accelecom90.6060 Mbps10.9760 Mbps53.9870 ms2023-11-14 13:02:56
Accelecom86.9450 Mbps8.6700 Mbps57.0040 ms2024-02-24 02:01:56
Accelecom49.6110 Mbps0.8880 Mbps60.3620 ms2023-11-02 01:02:41
Accelecom88.4390 Mbps9.0410 Mbps69.6000 ms2024-02-29 21:01:59
Accelecom11.2730 Mbps4.5310 Mbps74.4250 ms2023-12-24 05:01:29
Accelecom89.3780 Mbps9.9280 Mbps62.6160 ms2024-01-18 03:02:26
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