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This is an application that houses data sent on a regular basis from the house via a python script. The data here will be cleared out regularly. Thanks to sivel for the easy to use library. Links /, speedtest-cli (python library)
Test Time
AT&T80.9090 Mbps9.9800 Mbps32.5820 ms2023-09-28 01:01:25
Ben Lomand Telephone85.8370 Mbps10.7740 Mbps43.5290 ms2023-09-29 16:00:56
Cloud 9 Wireless84.8250 Mbps10.3670 Mbps43.2510 ms2023-09-28 10:01:26
Cloud 9 Wireless87.3460 Mbps10.5350 Mbps37.2310 ms2023-09-27 07:01:25
Cloud 9 Wireless88.1670 Mbps11.4120 Mbps38.0520 ms2023-09-28 09:01:26
Cloud 9 Wireless91.1680 Mbps11.0900 Mbps41.8830 ms2023-09-27 06:01:24
Cloud 9 Wireless91.0640 Mbps11.4530 Mbps37.1370 ms2023-09-26 03:01:25
Cloud 9 Wireless89.2480 Mbps11.2260 Mbps41.2990 ms2023-09-29 11:01:27
Cloud 9 Wireless90.9220 Mbps10.9350 Mbps42.9330 ms2023-09-28 08:01:25
Comcast88.6690 Mbps10.2020 Mbps41.6790 ms2023-09-25 23:01:25
Coosa Valley Technologies87.4580 Mbps10.6880 Mbps39.1440 ms2023-09-28 05:01:25
Dalton Utilities - OptiLink88.3080 Mbps10.6360 Mbps38.0140 ms2023-09-27 23:01:25
Dalton Utilities - OptiLink82.1330 Mbps10.9710 Mbps33.8370 ms2023-09-24 23:01:25
Dalton Utilities - OptiLink85.0470 Mbps11.4440 Mbps36.7840 ms2023-09-24 22:01:24
Dalton Utilities - OptiLink90.1030 Mbps9.9810 Mbps34.3050 ms2023-09-25 00:01:24
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