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This is an application that houses data sent on a regular basis from the house via a python script. The data here will be cleared out regularly. Thanks to sivel for the easy to use library. Links /, speedtest-cli (python library)
Test Time
Nitel88.8230 Mbps11.0420 Mbps22.3400 ms2023-09-27 20:01:24
Pavlov Media92.2530 Mbps10.9510 Mbps25.5860 ms2023-09-25 08:01:24
Pavlov Media90.0460 Mbps11.1280 Mbps25.5980 ms2023-09-25 09:01:25
Pavlov Media92.2710 Mbps10.9460 Mbps26.6950 ms2023-09-25 12:01:24
Nitel89.2160 Mbps10.7440 Mbps26.7700 ms2023-09-27 21:01:25
Pavlov Media91.7640 Mbps11.2260 Mbps26.7970 ms2023-09-25 07:01:24
Pavlov Media92.2170 Mbps10.9840 Mbps26.8700 ms2023-09-25 10:01:25
Nitel87.3130 Mbps11.2760 Mbps26.8930 ms2023-09-27 22:01:26
Pavlov Media90.0580 Mbps11.3390 Mbps27.0050 ms2023-09-28 04:01:25
Pavlov Media89.8990 Mbps10.7230 Mbps27.2650 ms2023-09-24 21:01:25
Nitel90.8190 Mbps11.3760 Mbps27.4080 ms2023-09-29 10:01:26
Pavlov Media91.9780 Mbps11.3840 Mbps27.5180 ms2023-09-26 01:01:25
Pavlov Media88.8450 Mbps10.7170 Mbps27.5370 ms2023-09-24 20:01:24
Pavlov Media91.7240 Mbps11.4060 Mbps27.7690 ms2023-09-26 02:01:25
Netprotect92.4280 Mbps11.0010 Mbps28.0300 ms2023-09-25 16:01:24
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