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In this application; as soon as a screen capture is taken in one of a few video games, that image will be posted instantly here. No reason to have them here, just cool to see em show up..
2024-01-20 12:17:13Rezarus
2024-01-20 12:18:51Rezarus
2024-01-20 12:19:57Rezarus
2024-01-20 12:23:22Rezarus
2024-01-20 15:52:43Rezarus
2024-01-20 15:57:32Rezarus
2024-01-20 17:09:13Rezarus
2024-01-20 19:14:42Rezarus
2024-01-23 18:33:47Rezarus
2024-01-27 16:04:53Rezarus
2024-01-27 16:04:57Rezarus
2024-01-27 16:06:12Rezarus
2024-01-28 11:36:54Rezarus
2024-01-28 11:41:35Rezarus
2024-01-28 11:42:03Rezarus
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