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The following physics responses are provided by a student and, as such, should be considered in that context. While every effort is made for accuracy, absolute correctness cannot be fully guaranteed.
A child sits on a swing supported by ropes of length 3.0 m. With what frequency will she need to apply the driving force to maintain swinging?0.29 Hz
If a guitar string has a fundamental frequency of 500 Hz, what is the frequency of its second overtone?1 500 Hz
A standing wave is set up in a 2.0-m string fixed at both ends. The string vibrates in 5 distinct segments when driven by a 120-Hz source. In how many distinct standing wave segments will the string vibrate if the tension is increased by a factor of 4?No standing wave pattern occurs.
The lower A on a piano has a frequency of 27.5 Hz. If the tension in the 2.0-m-long string is 304 N and one-half wavelength occupies the string, what is the mass of the string?50 g
What is the lowest frequency that will resonate in an organ pipe 2.00 m in length, closed at one end? The speed of sound in air is 340 m/s.42.5 Hz
In which part of the ear is the cochlea?inner ear
Two vibrating tuning forks, held side by side, will create a beat frequency of what value if the individual frequencies of the two forks are 342 Hz and 345 Hz, respectively?3 Hz
Of the frequencies listed below, to which one is the human ear most sensitive? 1) 33 Hz 2) 330 Hz 3) 3 300 Hz 4) 33 000 Hz 5) 330 000 Hz3 300 Hz
A 100-m-long high-voltage cable is suspended between two towers. The mass of the 100-m cable is 150 kg. If the tension in the cable is 30 000 N, what is the lowest frequency at which this cable can oscillate?0.71 Hz
If I0 = 10^-12 W/m2 is the threshold of hearing, a sound with intensity I1 = 10^-11 W/m2 will give a certain decibel level. Suppose a new sound has an intensity I2 = I1^2/I0. What is the new decibel level?20
A sound source of frequency 1 000 Hz moves at 50.0 m/s toward a listener who is at rest. What is the apparent frequency heard by the listener? (speed of sound = 340 m/s)1 170 Hz
How far away is a lightning strike if you hear the thunderclap 3.00 s after you see the lightning bolt strike? (vsound = 340 m/s, vlight = 3*10^8 m/s)1 020 m
The Doppler shift of ultrasonic waves can measure the speed of blood in an artery. If the frequency of the stationary source is 100 kHz and the reflected sound has a Doppler shift of 200 Hz, what is the blood flow speed? (The speed of sound inside the body is 1 500 m/s.)1.5 m/s
A sound wave in air has a frequency of 500 Hz and a wavelength of 0.68 m. What is the air temperature?15°C
When a sound wave moves through a medium such as air, the motion of the molecules of the medium is in what direction (with respect to the motion of the sound wave)? 1) perpendicular 2) parallel 3) anti-parallel (in opposite direction) 4) Both choices B and C are valid. 5) None of the above.Both choices B and C are valid.
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