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The following physics responses are provided by a student and, as such, should be considered in that context. While every effort is made for accuracy, absolute correctness cannot be fully guaranteed.
For a standing wave on a string the wavelength must equal: 1) the distance between adjacent nodes. 2) the distance between adjacent antinodes. 3) twice the distance between adjacent nodes. 4) the distance between supports. 5) both choices C and D are valid.twice the distance between adjacent nodes.
You stand by the railroad tracks as a train passes by. You hear a 1 000-Hz frequency when the train approaches, which changes to 800 Hz as it goes away. How fast is the train moving? The speed of sound in air is 340 m/s.37.8 m/s
A tuning fork is sounded above a resonating tube (one end closed), which resonates at a length of 0.200 m and again at 0.600 m. What is the frequency of the fork when the speed of sound is taken to be 340 m/s?425 Hz
The term "timbre" refers to which of the following? 1) Any musical instrument made primarily of wood. 2) The quality of sound from instruments due to the mixture of harmonics. 3) Instruments that have valves. 4) An instrument made in France. 5) None of the above.The quality of sound from instruments due to the mixture of harmonics.
When a sine wave is used to represent a sound wave, the crest corresponds to: 1) rarefaction. 2) condensation. 3) point where molecules vibrate at a right angle to the direction of wave travel. 4) region of low elasticity. 5) None of the above.condensation.
Which of the following ranges corresponds to the longest wavelengths? 1) infrasonic 2) audible 3) ultrasonic 4) all have the same wavelengths 5) both choices A and B are validinfrasonic
Comparing the speed of sound in liquids, gases, and solids, the speed of sound is usually lowest in ____ and highest in ____. 1) solids, liquids 2) gases, liquids 3) liquids, solids 4) gases, solids 5) solids, gasesgases, solids
Two loudspeakers are placed side by side and driven by the same source at 500 Hz. A listener is positioned in front of the two speakers and on the line separating them, thus creating a constructive interference at the listener's ear. If one of the speakers is gradually pushed toward the listener, how far must it be moved to repeat the condition of constructive interference at the listener's ear? (The speed of sound = 340 m/s.)0.68 m
If the distance between a point sound source and a dB detector is increased by a factor of 4, what will be the reduction in intensity level?12 dB
What phenomenon is created by two tuning forks, side by side, emitting frequencies, which differ by only a small amount?beats
When I stand halfway between two speakers, with one on my left and one on my right, a musical note from the speakers gives me constructive interference. How far to my left should I move to obtain destructive interference?one-fourth of a wavelength
A phase difference of 270° corresponds to what wavelength difference?3λ/4
As a train starts from rest and then accelerates down the track, coming toward me faster and faster, the speed of the sound waves coming toward me will be: 1) slower than the normal speed of sound in air. 2) equal to the normal speed of sound in air. 3) some constant speed faster than the normal speed of sound in air. 4) faster and faster. 5) slower and slower.equal to the normal speed of sound in air.
When the standing wave pattern in a pipe is NANA, the pipe has which of the following set of properties? (N stands for node, A for antinode.) It is open at both ends. 2) It is closed at both ends. 3) It is open at one end and closed at the other end. 4) Any of the above could be true. 5) This wave pattern doesn't exist.It is open at one end and closed at the other end.
What is the intensity of sound from a band with a sound level of 120 dB? (I0 = 10-12 W/m2)1 W/m^2
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