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The following physics responses are provided by a student and, as such, should be considered in that context. While every effort is made for accuracy, absolute correctness cannot be fully guaranteed.
When two sound waves are out of phase by ____, destructive interference will occur.540°
A 20-g bullet moving at 1 000 m/s is fired through a one-kg block of wood emerging at a speed of 100 m/s. What is the kinetic energy of the block that results from the collision if the block had not been moving prior to the collision and was free to move?0.16 kJ
Consider the use of the terms "rotation" and "revolution". In physics:the words have different meaning.
A 3.00-g lead bullet is traveling at a speed of 240 m/s when it embeds in a wood post. If we assume that half of the resultant heat energy generated remains with the bullet, what is the increase in temperature of the embedded bullet? (specific heat of lead = 0.030 5 kcal/kg×°C, 1 kcal = 4 186 J)113°C
A helicopter stays aloft by pushing large quantities of air downward every second. What mass of air must be pushed downward at 40.0 m/s every second to keep a 1 000-kg helicopter aloft?245 kg
A gyroscope has a moment of inertia of 0.14 kg×m2 and an initial angular speed of 15 rad/s. Friction in the bearings causes its speed to reduce to zero in 30 s. What is the value of the average frictional torque?7.0*10^-2 Nm
A 5-g lead bullet traveling in 20°C air at 300 m/s strikes a flat steel plate and stops. What is the final temperature of the lead bullet? (Assume the bullet retains all heat.) The melting point of lead is 327°C. The specific heat of lead is 0.128 J/g×°C. The heat of fusion of lead is 24.5 J/g.327°C
When a collision is perfectly inelastic, then:the participants stick together.
A uniform 1.0-N meter stick is suspended horizontally by vertical strings attached at each end. A 2.0- N weight is suspended from the 10-cm position on the stick, another 2.0-N weight is suspended from the 50 cm position, and a 3.0-N weight is suspended from the 60 cm position. What is the tension in the string attached at the 100-cm end of the stick?3.5 N
Dmitri places one end of a copper rod in a heat reservoir and the other end in a heat sink. By what factor is the rate of heat flow changed when the temperature difference between the reservoir and sink is tripled?3.0
A cannon of mass 1 500 kg fires a 10-kg shell with a velocity of 200 m/s at an angle of 45° above the horizontal. Find the recoil velocity of the cannon across the level ground.0.94 m/s
A bucket of water with total mass 23 kg is attached to a rope, which in turn is wound around a 0.050-m radius cylinder at the top of a well. The bucket is raised to the top of the well and released. The bucket is moving with a speed of 8.0 m/s upon hitting the water surface in the well. What is the angular speed of the cylinder at this instant?160 rad/s
If a 1000-kg car was moving at 30 m/s, what would be its kinetic energy expressed in the unusual (for kinetic energy) units of calories? (1 cal = 4.186 J)1.1*10^5
A 1 000-kg experimental rocket sled at rest on level frictionless rails is loaded with 50 kg of propellant. It exhausts the propellant in a 20-s "burn." The rocket moves at 150 m/s after the burn. What average force is experienced by the rocket during the burn?0.75*10^4N
An ice skater spins at 2.5 rev/s when his arms are extended. He draws his arms in and spins at 6.0 rev/s. By what factor does his moment of inertia change in the process?0.42
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