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The following physics responses are provided by a student and, as such, should be considered in that context. While every effort is made for accuracy, absolute correctness cannot be fully guaranteed.
A mass of 4.0 kg, resting on a horizontal frictionless surface, is attached on the right to a horizontal spring with spring constant 20 N/m and on the left to a horizontal spring with spring constant 50 N/m. If this system is moved from equilibrium, what is the effective spring constant?70 N/m
Tripling the mass per unit length of a guitar string will result in changing the wave speed in the string by what factor?0.58
Suppose there is an object for which F = +kx. What will happen if the object is moved away from equilibrium (x = 0) and released? 1) It will return to the equilibrium position. 2) It will move further away with constant velocity. 3) It will move further away with constant acceleration. 4) It will move further away with increasing acceleration. 5) None of the above.It will move further away with increasing acceleration.
The kinetic energy of the bob on a simple pendulum swinging in simple harmonic motion has its maximum value when the displacement from equilibrium is at what point in its swing? 1) zero displacement 2) 1/4 the amplitude 3) 1/2 the amplitude 4) 3/4 the amplitude 5) equal the amplitudezero displacement
Consider the curve x = A sin(kt), with A > 0. At which point on the graph is it possible that t = 0?Point t3
By what factor should the length of a simple pendulum be changed if the period of vibration were to be tripled?9.0
A runaway railroad car, with mass 30*10^4 kg, coasts across a level track at 2.0 m/s when it collides with a spring-loaded bumper at the end of the track. If the spring constant of the bumper is 2.0*10^6 N/m, what is the maximum compression of the spring during the collision? (Assume the collision is elastic.)0.77 m
A 0.20-kg block rests on a frictionless level surface and is attached to a horizontally aligned spring with a spring constant of 40 N/m. The block is initially displaced 4.0 cm from the equilibrium point and then released to set up a simple harmonic motion. What is the speed of the block when it passes through the equilibrium point?0.57 m/s
The motion of a piston in an automobile engine is nearly simple harmonic. If the 1-kg piston travels back and forth over a total distance of 10.0 cm, what is its maximum speed when the engine is running at 3 000 rpm?15.7 m/s
Transverse waves travel with a speed of 200 m/s along a taut copper wire that has a diameter of 1.50 mm. What is the tension in the wire? (The density of copper is 8.93 g/cm3.)631 N
Consider two identical and symmetrical wave pulses on a string. Suppose the first pulse reaches the fixed end of the string and is reflected back and then meets the second pulse. When the two pulses overlap exactly, the superposition principle predicts that the amplitude of the resultant pulses, at that moment, will be what factor times the amplitude of one of the original pulses?0
A long string is pulled so that the tension in it increases by a factor of three. If the change in length is negligible, by what factor does the wave speed change?1.7
Tripling both the tension in a guitar string and its mass per unit length will result in changing the wave speed in the string by what factor?1.00 (i.e., no change)
An object moving in simple harmonic motion has an amplitude of 0.020 m and a maximum acceleration of 40 m/s2. What is the frequency of the system?7.1 Hz
The wavelength of a traveling wave can be calculated if one knows the: 1) frequency. 2) speed and amplitude. 3) amplitude and frequency. 4) frequency and speed. 5) speed.frequency and speed.
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