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The holy grail in Diablo 2 is finding every set and unique item in the game. As difficult as it sounds, it's actually even more difficult than that. While some items are found often such as Venomward Breast Plate, many items in Diablo 2 can actually be quite tricky to find due to how item drops work in the game.
Axe (2-H)normalHumongous
Axe (2-H)normalGoreshovel
Axe (2-H)normalBrainhew
Axe (2-H)normalAxe of Fechmar
Axe (2-H)exceptionalWarlord's Trust
Axe (2-H)exceptionalThe Minotaur
Axe (2-H)exceptionalStormrider
Axe (2-H)exceptionalSpellsteel
Axe (2-H)exceptionalBoneslayer Blade
Axe (2-H)eliteMesserschmidt's Reaver
Axe (2-H)eliteHellslayer
Axe (2-H)eliteExecutioner's Justice
Axe (2-H)eliteEthereal Edge
BeltEliteArachnid Mesh
BeltEliteNosferatu's Coil
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