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This is the personal feed of a middle-aged husband and father of two, featuring a diverse range of topics including food, programming, woodworking, photography, and other light-hearted, humorous content. While the feed may not offer much value to the outside world, the content is all original and occasionally features memes that may also be posted on Reddit or Twitter under the same handle as this domain.
Your standard cookie

They are a little expensive to make, but they are good. Still working on consistency with these as sometimes they run all over the pan or stay similar to the ball it's rolled in. These came out "OK" for the shape but as usual taste damn good.

2024-01-01 13:30:26
Unplanned portability

Some apple pie filling in the cupboard for weeks, and also some pre-made pie crust. The result? Some hand pies, never made em before, but I think they look OK, taste even better.

2023-12-24 11:58:37
Ordered not chaos

OK, first off no one here suffers from OCD, but when a cookie recipe yields exactly 64 cookies, and somehow a recipe has JAM within it, and we can choose two, We challenge anyone to find a person who would not order their cookies in this manner. Granted it lasted two minutes before the order was ruined by a snack-oriented offspring, but we did snap a picture.

2023-12-23 09:29:31
Dressed up ordinary

A pecan sandie topped with a pecan. Low key perfect with a cup of coffee. These are freaking awesome, and is a cookie that shows up frequently n our household. I think others here think they're boring.. is that so bad?

2023-12-17 09:03:52
A decent cookie? muffin? Coofin?

And here we have the underdog, "Baki old world cookie" which is actually right in my wheelhouse. Through a little bland for other folks in the house. They keep well over a week.

2023-12-11 19:28:25
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