Let's start with an introduction; I'm David “KillGorack” Monroe we'll get into the middle portion of that name a little later. I'm a Husband and a father of two outrageous boys who are smack in the middle of being teenagers. I work in the automotive industry where I “measure stuff” for a living. Some of my hobbies are listed at the left side of this site (at least the incarnation that exists as I write this). And of course creating and maintaining these pages.

Why a website? Well there are a few reasons I guess, the first is that I just like to do it. The language used here asp classic. Yes!, I know it's a little old, with the new .net stuff it's so easy to make a web application with a few button clicks, I think however it wouldn't be as enjoyable to create. In my narrow view of the software that is at the cutting edge, these canned routines are a little restrictive and in the end have less personality. Also as mentioned before, I use this site as a springboard of some of the hobbies I enjoy.

Introduction is OVER, take a look around, leave a mark or say hello in one of the forum sections, that is if they're working. ;0)

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Subject: New Version - 3/3/2015 6:15:38 PM

Working on an update for the site that will include some visual, and security updates. Oh yea and a total new language..

Subject: And there it is. - 12/20/2014 7:50:16 AM

Well, there it is, now we can see that when downloading FileZilla from SourceForge, They are adding dumb assed malware add-on that hijacks all your home pages search engines. Yes it can be argued that you can uncheck that option but this is the first step. There was ONE place that content can be downloaded without this shit happening. In 10 years it'll be hopeless. Also the forum thread commenting on this topic has been locked, further tarnishing what was thought to be a pretty sterling reputation.

Screw you FileZilla, Screw you SourceForge. What a shame.

Skip SourceFourge, and go here; Filezilla project. That is until a client can be found that can replace it.

Subject: New numbers in - 3/26/2014 6:08:48 PM

See link below for a little statistics from the data crunched by my account before and after the PC upgrade.


Subject: New Computer Build - 2/24/2014 7:50:03 AM

Starting a computer build, and will update as the parts stream in from Amazon. See link below for images taken during. we'll see how it turns out..

Asus P8Z77-V Thanks BFJ!

i7-2600K LGA1155 socket processor again BFJ!

Corsair 550D obsidian series case

Corsair H100i coolor (liquid)

Thermaltake 750 watt power supply

Samsung 250GB SSD

GPU undecided so far..

Images from the build.

Subject: Backend Video - 1/9/2014 6:08:40 AM

New video showing some of the updates from the last build of the back end. It illustrates creating a data application from scratch.


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