Let's start with an introduction; I'm David “KillGorack” Monroe we'll get into the middle portion of that name a little later. I'm a Husband and a father of two outrageous boys who are smack in the middle of being teenagers. I work in the automotive industry where I “measure stuff” for a living. Some of my hobbies are listed at the left side of this site (at least the incarnation that exists as I write this). And of course creating and maintaining these pages.

Why a website? Well there are a few reasons I guess, the first is that I just like to do it. The language used here asp classic. Yes!, I know it's a little old, with the new .net stuff it's so easy to make a web application with a few button clicks, I think however it wouldn't be as enjoyable to create. In my narrow view of the software that is at the cutting edge, these canned routines are a little restrictive and in the end have less personality. Also as mentioned before, I use this site as a springboard of some of the hobbies I enjoy.

Introduction is OVER, take a look around, leave a mark or say hello in one of the forum sections, that is if they're working. ;0)

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Subject: New numbers in - 3/26/2014 6:08:48 PM

See link below for a little statistics from the data crunched by my account before and after the PC upgrade.


Subject: New Computer Build - 2/24/2014 7:50:03 AM

Starting a computer build, and will update as the parts stream in from Amazon. See link below for images taken during. we'll see how it turns out..

Asus P8Z77-V Thanks BFJ!

i7-2600K LGA1155 socket processor again BFJ!

Corsair 550D obsidian series case

Corsair H100i coolor (liquid)

Thermaltake 750 watt power supply

Samsung 250GB SSD

GPU undecided so far..

Images from the build.

Subject: Backend Video - 1/9/2014 6:08:40 AM

New video showing some of the updates from the last build of the back end. It illustrates creating a data application from scratch.


Subject: New forum?! - 1/5/2014 9:00:50 PM

Again, another forum software from a third party is being tried out. Looks a lot better than the other. Features are a little flushed out also. We'll try it for a while, and if it prooves out OK we'll combine the log-in functions through the main site. Currently you'll have to log in both areas.


They are one now. You can register on this site and that data will be passed over to the forum. They've made it easy. Though logging in through the forums will bring you back to the main page. Nothing a few clicks can't remedy in the short term until all the redirects are fixed creating smooth transitions.

API information here.


Never #&@*!^@ mind.. I like home grown better. The last had too much crap I'd never use. The old ones are back. and will evolve slowly. I'd say stay tuned but we all know better. They don't work too well yet either ;0) they have to be sorta hacked to fit.

Subject: Pisses me off.. - 12/30/2013 5:16:14 PM

How does this happen?,

First of all I know I’m basically to blame for installing software on my PC and not doing the research beforehand. However what the hell? Over the last few weeks I’ve installed some software that is bundled with other @#!7 I do NOT want.

The biggest one over these past few weeks is something called conduit, not a program but a whole damn army of them. Not only these programs are installed but they are also hijacking my browsers and generally wreaking havoc on a system. They are easy enough to remove with the some you-tubing, but they should have never been installed in the first place.

Just plunking the keywords “conduit software” into google it comes up with most of the results showing you how to get rid of the stuff from your PC, to state the obvious I’m not alone being assaulted by this unwanted software. Looking at their site it has some pretty impressive numbers stating 250 million users. I would LOVE to see an accurate representation of how many of those users installed their software consciously.

Stay classy internet..

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